Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) installations, sometimes combined with Solar Thermal systems have seen significant surge in the United Kingdom. For more details of this trend, please visit:

The combination of Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) and solar thermal systems proves to be highly effective. Operating a modern solar heating system incurs an electrical cost of approximately £10 per year, capable of supplying up to 70% of the required hot water throughout the year.

A twin coil Air Source Heat pump and solar thermal cylinder
A twin coil cylinder with high efficient ASPH coil

ASHPs exhibit optimal efficiency when heating at lower temperatures, unlike gas boilers that perform efficiently at higher temperatures. To ensure pasteurisation and a suitable temperature at the point of use, domestic hot water should ideally be heated to 60 degrees.

Achieving this temperature may sometimes necessitate supplementing the ASHP’s input with an immersion heater. However, relying on electrical import from the grid during such times can be costly, given the efficiency coefficient of approximately 100%, compared to the more efficient 300%+ of ASHPs.

In situations where solar thermal is already in place, and a new cylinder is required. Due to the insufficient primary coil surface area of an existing system boiler cylinder for efficient ASHP use, a new twin cylinder can be installed. This new cylinder features a solar coil and an ASHP-compatible top coil.

Adding a solar thermal system

If there is no solar thermal in place and a new cylinder is installed, a solar thermal system can be added to for the hot water supply system in tandem with an ASHP installation.

Alternatively, at a small cost increase for the solar thermal coil, a twin coil solar thermal and ASPH compatible cylinder can be installed to be ‘solar ready’ and a solar thermal be added at a later stage.

Combined Air Source Heat pump and Solar Thermal cylinders

Readily available cylinders can be found by searching for “solar and air source heat pump cylinder” on a search engine. Some skilled ASHP installers, equipped with the proper tools, may be able to remove the solar system from the existing cylinder and reconnect it to a new one. Alternatively, we can undertake this task. If you are interested in this service within our working area, please feel free to Contact us.