A heat dump in solar water heating systems aids to avoid overheating of solar panels. Overheatingcan damage solar panels if the problems persists. There a different types heat dumps that can be added to your system.

Radiator heat dump

Radiators can be used as a heat dump in solar water heating systems. When  using a radiator is as a heat dump, a three port valve diverts the flow from the solar panel to a radiator when the cylinder has reached design temperature.  The radiator gives off the excess heat to the atmosphere around the radiator. The location of  a radiator heat dump can inside or outside.

Fan assisted heat dump

A fan assisted heat dump can also be used in solar hot water systems. The principle of this type of heat dump works like a radiator. However, it is often more suitable in locations where there is not sufficient space for a radiator. Additionally, a fan assisted heat dump also has the ability to dissipate larger quantities of heat. The location of a fan assisted heat dump can be inside or outside.

Heat dissipator solar thermal Sunnpro fan-assisted
Fan assisted heat dissipator/heat dump can discharge a large quantity of heat to stop solar thermal systems from overheating