Basic costs for solar repairs

It is difficult to accurately predict the exact repair costs. However, please get in touch and, based upon years of experience, we should be able to give you an indication.

Call out charges vary dependent on your location and include the first hour on site.

Thereafter, we normally charge between £65 – £75*/hr for repairs or servicing by one of our experienced engineers.*

Assistant engineers:  We always endeavour to keep the cost of repairs as low as possible. On occasion, the experienced solar engineer will bring an assistant. If the job could be completed by just the engineer within the the hour on site that we have allowed for, no charge will be made for the assistant being present. If, however, there is work for two people, we will  charge the assistants time at a rate of currently £32.50/hr – £37.50/h. Our intention is to save on the more expensive time of the experienced engineer and overall reduce the total bill to the customer, whilst training a new engineer.

*Extra charges may apply for central London, congestion charges, ULEZ and tolls.
All costs are exclusive of VAT, see below.

There are a number of different rates of  VAT that apply:

  • 0% for a new build domestic project (where no property existed before).
  • 0% when doing a domestic repair which includes replacing the panel.
  • 0% for fitting a new system on an existing house when working for the house owner directly.
  • 20% when working for a builder or developer.
  • 20% when doing a domestic repair which does not include replacing the panel.

How you can best save money is to make our job as quick and easy as possible:

  1. Make sure we can park close to where we are working.
  2. We are always happy to remove our shoes but it does save if time we I don’t have to.
  3. If you have it, have all of the system instructions and documentation available.
  4. Clear the airing cupboard or plant room so we can access all-round the cylinder and the solar equipment.
  5. Prepare a clear, well lit area.
  6. Prepare easy access to your loft.
  7. Have a water supply available.
  8. Have a 13amp socket / extension lead.
  9. E-mail  pictures of the controller / pump station/ cylinder and panels so we know what we are working on before we get there.

How do I pay?

We will normally send you an invoice after we complete the work. For larger projects we may ask for a deposit before we commence the work.

We prefer a direct bank transfer but a cheque is also acceptable.

Do I have to pay if you can’t fix it or if it goes wrong again?

In the vast majority of incidents we are able to successfully repair systems we work on.

We are able to guarantee our work on systems that we have completely installed using equipment that we have supplied and fitted.

The period of warrantee is specified on our original quotation, further manufacturers warrantees may apply.

On all other systems that were in part or completely installed by others, we are not able to offer a guarantee.

The invoice for the call-out, our time and any materials used will be payable even if we are not able to get the system working.

We always try to find the most economical approach to complete a repair. We will on occasion and at our discretion (where we feel that the engineer was at fault) not charge for our time on a re-visit.

Certain new components e.g: electronic controllers and pumps are guaranteed for 12-24 months and this is subject to them not being damaged by any other factors.

For the most part, solar systems go wrong for a reason. We will discuss these reasons with you and endeavour to advise on an action required to increase the reliability and reduce long term running costs.