We recommend servicing your system regularly. This will keep your solar system running as efficiently as possible. A solar service may often be on an annual basis.

Our procedures for an annual solar thermal service

A standard solar service would normally include the following where accessible.

  1. Visual inspection of the solar tubes or the flat plate collector.
  2. Visually inspect fixings.
  3. Checking glycol (antifreeze) concentration.
  4. Checking glycol (antifreeze) pH.
  5. Operate air removal devices.
  6. Check Controller settings.
  7. Set pump speed and flow rate.
  8. Check Expansion Vessel pressure.
  9. Check system pressure.
  10. Operate pressure relief valves.
  11. Clean solar panels if required.
  12. Record hours run.
  13. Investigate if the system has overheated.
  14. Check for leaks.
  15. Explanation of solar controls to householder and how best to top up the heat when required.

Replacing of glycol (antifreeze)

If the glycol needs to be replaced because the system has overheated, we would normally powerflush the system first.

If the glycol needs to be replaced due to age we would simply drain down the old and replace with new antifreeze.

Arranging an annual service

If you would like to arrange for a service of your solar thermal system please fill in our online enquiry form and we will respond to your enquiry.