We guarantee the equipment that we fit for one year, subject to the system not overheating.

Advice for all customers

We do, however, issue the following advice to all customers upon completion of a repair.

“Thank you for allowing us to repair your system.  We hope that you will not have to call us for some time because repairs more often than not are a very costly exercise.

The majority of faults with solar water heating systems are due to overheating.

There are a number of ways that you can reduce the likelihood of this occurring:

  1. Read / feel the cylinder temperature prior to using the hot water and only add the absolute minimum top up heat from the boiler / immersion heater.
  2. Make sure the boiler is off before running a bath / shower.
  3. On very hot days use plenty of hot water.
  4. Monitor the system controls and pressure gauge and e-mail us with any concerns to info@smallsolar.co.uk.

Please note:  The cylinder must be heated to 60°C at least once a week to protect you from Legionella or other bacteriological infection.  If the solar systems fails to reach this temperature you must run the boiler.

Overheating in the summer months

Sometimes it is difficult or impossible to stop a system overheating in extreme weather conditions during the summer months.

This is particularly likely where the cylinder size is too small or the panel size too great. This often results in long term problems.

There are a number of ways that we can modify your system in order to reduce overheating and the subsequent damage.