Resol BS
Resol BS Solar Thermal Controller

Solar controllers are the ‘brain’ of your solar thermal system. If set up correctly, solar controllers intelligently run your system and help to maximise it’s efficiency.

Solar controllers tend to be quite reliable, but as with all electronics, they can develop faults and cause problems for your system in the short and long term.

Which solar controller?

We work with a large variety of solar thermal controllers. We prefer to install the market leader Resol, but have installed many other makes where it suits the application. Other brands include Kingspan Solar, Viessman, Stecca, Smart Energy and many others. You can see also see a selection of systems we look after and repair.

Repair or replace solar controllers

Solar controllers can occasionally be repaired, but often need to be replaced. In this case we will try to up-rate the system with a modern variable speed pump controller, to make the system more efficient. Alternatively we can fit a secondhand unit to reduce cost. Some solar controllers can be difficult to adjust and we can therefore fit a very simple, user friendly controllers if required.

A selection of solar controllers we have worked on

We are happy to work on any solar controller should you not find yours in the list below