Once you have made an investment in a solar thermal or solar PV system, you might be thinking about protecting your investment.

We sometimes get asked about solar lightning strikes on solar system. In commercially installed solar systems, lightning protection is usually part of the building’s infrastructure. In private homes, lightning protection may be less common.

In either case, although rare, lightning strikes either directly or in the near vicinity may cause damage to your solar system.

Can lightning strikes cause damage to the solar thermal controller?

In solar thermal system, the most likely damage from a lightning strike to your solar system will occur in your solar controller. This may just mean damage to the internal fuse or the fused spur that the controller is connected to. In other cases, though, a lightning strike may actually damage the PCB of the controller. In such cases, the controller will need to be replaced – it is unlikely that a repair would be economical or even possible.

Can lightning strikes cause damage to the solar thermal sensor?

Another possible area of damage to your solar system by a lightning strike might be the sensors on your solar thermal system. Solar sensors can be replaced, although a broken sensor on the roof may be more complicated. In any case, please contact us and describe your problem and we can advise on the best way forward.