Sometimes moving solar panels from their current location is required. We regularly have customers who contact us about moving solar panels. Options for moving solar panels could be to other sections of the same roof or moving solar panels to another roof altogether.

We regularly undertake moving solar panels and we would be pleased to discuss your requirements to move your solar panels.

Situations that may require moving solar panels

There are a variety of reasons why you want to move your solar panels. Situations when a solar system may need be moved or replaced are:

  • you require more space for a Solar PV or a Velux window installation
  • you would like to upgrade solar installation
  • your old solar thermal systems needs to be reconfigured, removed or decommissioned
  • repairs to the roof are required and the solar panels are in the way
  • roof tiles that are currently underneath the solar system need be replaced
  • you are building an extensions and, as a result, you need to remove solar panels temporarily
  • you establish a more suitable location for the solar panels. We can asses if moving solar panels would result in an improved efficiency of your solar panels

Moving solar panels to a new location

Sometimes our customers plan to fit dormer windows during an extension project. As a result, we can move solar systems to a flat roof. This is perfectly feasible and we are very happy to assess and quote for the work required.

When we move solar panels we go through a similar process to our annual solar thermal service. This ensures that your system is as efficient as possible once reinstalled.

How long will it take to move my solar panels?

This depends on your individual situation. The main factor will be access to your system. This includes establishing the size and complexity of your solar installation. During extension project access is often resolved because scaffolding may already be in place. At other times we may need to arrange access, consider storage etc.

Please get in touch and we will give advice how to best fit moving of solar panels into your planned work-stream. We can also advise on relocation, upgrading or adjusting your solar installation at this point.

How much will it cost to move my solar panels?

This is very difficult to say as it depends so much on your individual situation. Like with all our work, we will give you a competitive but realistic quote for the work required. Please contact us to discuss your project further.