We can help you with roof repairs and wind damage. Whether the entire panel needs replacing or just a minor leak on the roof, please get in touch for advice.

Wind damage to solar panels
Severe damage to an array of solar panels caused by wind.

Roof damage during solar panel installation

Roof tiles can be damaged during installation if it is not carried out correctly.

Roof damaged during solar panel installation
A roof that was damaged by a cowboy solar installer back in the 1980’s

Replacing panel after re-roofing work

Solar panel replaced after re-roofing
Viessmann Solar panel that had to be removed for St Albans District Council because a new roof was being installed.


Roof entry points

Leaking solar pipe entry into roof
Leaking roof where a poor quality roof penetration has been made.
Profession solar pipe entry into roof
A good quality pipe roof entry using a purpose built Decktite lead slate

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