Most solar hot water heating systems contain a dedicated solar pump station. Other systems may have a pump, a pressure relief valve and pressure gauge installed separately. Whichever way your system is set up, we can repair and service your solar system.

Solar pumps

Wilo solar pump impeller
A Wilo solar pump impeller, damaged due to running dry in an overheated system.

Solar pumps can fail due to corrosion or overheating.  Sometimes we are able to replace the motor / impeller only. In other cases, however, we have to replace the whole unit. Most common brands are Grundfos, Wilo and Orki, all of which we stock. We can also source most other brands where this is a requirement. We always test the pump during our service visits and discuss any problems with you.

Solar pump stations

Solar pump stations are a crucial part of your solar hot water system. They are often fitted in an airing cupboard or in a loft. We stock a variety of pump stations by popular makes. Resol pump stations are very popular, but we also work on pump stations from many other brands. We can discuss specific requirements with you and will suggest the best pump station for your project.

Noises from the solar pump

We often get asked about noisy pumps in a solar water heating system. If your pump makes unusual noises, it does indicate that there is a problem in your solar system. However, a noisy pump does not necessarily mean that the pump is broken. There are many reasons why the pump in your solar system may be noisy, such as airlocks or blockages. We always check the functioning of the pump and often manage to significantly reduce pump noise during our service routine.