Solar panel repairs and solar services keep your solar system running efficiently.

Using the sun’s energy can heat the majority of your hot water via solar panels. This is widely considered to be the most cost effective and energy efficient system. A solar hot water (solar thermal) system is ideally placed to fulfil this requirement.

However, a badly designed or installed solar hot water system can often waste more energy than it will ever save.

The Solar Repair Service specialises in running existing solar hot water systems efficiently, reliably and cost effectively.

Solar heating panels have been installed in the UK for more than 40 years – sometimes to  very high standards. However, some where installed by solar companies who understood or cared little about the quality of the equipment and installation – those often have ceased trading.

Examples of broken solar panels that we have repaired

What solar repairs do you undertake?

Solar repairs for solar PV and solar hot water system are varied. They can range from changing a fuse to installing complete new panels or a new hot water cylinders.

At The Solar Repair Service we also try to repair first, replace second. There is nothing ?green? about replacing equipment unnecessarily. We also do recognise that you want to be certain that you won?t need any further repairs for many years to come. Therefore we always look for the best solutions for our customers.

What experience to do you have in repairing solar systems?

We work on a large variety of systems from many different manufacturers. A system can consist of 1 solar panel, others can consist of hundreds of panels.

Our engineers have over 15 years experience in the field. Furthermore, we have excellent relationships with many solar industry experts. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

What do solar repairs cost?

Because solar repairs are so varied, this is hard to say. You can read more about costs for solar repairs here.

Are you a member of any solar trade bodies?

We are members of the Solar Trade Association. We are also an approved member of the Micro Certfication Scheme (MCS).