Resol BS

Resol BS3 is an excellent and reliable controller.

There are a number of controller that are in the same casing that look very similar including the BS3V2, BS2, BS4, BS+,BS Pro, ER3.

Most Resol controllers have internet connectivity via a Resol VBUS port.

These controllers are often ?locked? Please contact us and we might be able to help with codes.

Some other these controller have the ability to operate multiple numbers of pumps for East / West Systems, heat dumps, after heating etc.

However these controllers are not able to operate modern Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) pumps.

For a suitable controller see link to CS4.

Numerous companies have branded this controller including Rayotec, Solar Home Energy and


Link to manufacturer?s instructions:

**The Viessmann controller looks identical but often has sensors that operate using a different resistance so may not be compatible.